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We can and have made the difference between a funding deal been drawn or declined. Our expertise is not restricted to knowledge or access to the funding market. We know how to assess and qualify a deal in the first place. While not the usual message this can save you months of work if there is low chance of success.

However if its possible to complete a deal we can do it – If we can’t – it probably can’t be done.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Newsource Commercial Finance – an Elite Master Broker and lending Packager – we add value to the applicant and the lender. This in itself helps us complete more deals with lenders that trust our expertise above and beyond the text on an application form.

Due to the complex and high value nature of the deals we complete, its common for us to experience the same legal matter which to some parties may be the first time they have come across the issue. We are able to work with the lenders and applicants’ professional advisors to help identify precedents which help to avoid the deal being delayed or blocked completely.

In addition, our thorough understanding of the banking and underwriting industry allows us to work with the underwriters from the lenders and speak in a common language to help progress a deal which is ultimately in the best interests of the lender and the client.

As a result of our expertise we complete deals that may have floundered and in the fastest available time. That’s why people use Specialist Property Finance.

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