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We help Property Hoteliers obtain lending deals for:

  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Light refurbishment
  • Heavy refurbishment
  • Finance restructure and equity release
  • Commercial Operation Loans
  • Bridging for multiple purpose

Specialist Property Finance

At Specialist Property Finance we understand the hotel sector and the need to leverage your assets to increase the profits from your property. Hoteliers with existing mortgages can find the rates have become uncompetitive following the end of a special term period and that their lenders have withdrawn from the hotel sector altogether. Restructuring your property finance could release valuable equity and reduce your monthly loan servicing costs at the same time.

We understand the market, our hotel clients, the ever-evolving lending market, products and the rules associated with all of them. Use our expertise and skill set in this area to benefit your project.

Our clients usually find us after they have had difficulty obtaining funding – after they use us, they don’t trust anyone else…

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