Since the scourge of Coronavirus caused our country to enter into a series of partial and full lockdowns, the question for property developers has been –


I am pleased to confirm that lenders have been active throughout the lockdown. At Specialist Property Finance and with our parent company–Newsource Commercial Finance, we have had over £25M drawn down by our clients, during Covid, for a variety of requirements, including; New build funding, developer exit funding and part exchange refinancing. We have also funded both experienced and first time developers with 100% build out loans.

These loans have enabled our clients to build out over 150 new homes for families. All this has occurred during the pandemic period.


Property development is not easy. If it was everyone would do it. In addition, obtaining funding for property developers as a broker is not easy. If it was all commercial finance brokers would do it, but they don’t. Navigating through the process without a hitch is very difficult-the expertise is in knowing where the hitches are because prevention is better than a cure for any issue on a lending application.

We use over 70 specialist lenders in the property development space. Each lender has their own niche and lending product. We know which lenders will be most receptive to our clients’ case so we can focus our time and resources working with a lender most likely to lend.


Not an encouraging headline, but true. Here is a basic list of where a lending case can fail.

  • The numbers on the development don’t work. There isn’t enough profit, or the costs miscalculated in a way the lender wouldn’t expect.
  • There are missing costs the lender expects to see.
  • The development timeline is too long, causing a build up of loan interest.
  • The development timeline is too short, causing the lender to assume the project is unrealistic.
  • The site is not considered viable due to its location or surroundings. No Comparable properties provided.
  • The developer does not meet the lender’s criteria in level of experience or investment.
  • A valuation report states the value is less than that proposed.
  • Solicitors acting for the vendor or developer or lender find an irresolvable issue.
  • The developer’s financial status changed before draw down.


Moving through a property development project and funding is like walking through a minefield, one false step and it is likely to be fatal. Our role is to guide property developers through the minefield advising on where the mines are and how to safely navigate through them.

Despite all the challenges of property development finance and added to that the Covid factor, we have consistently delivered funding to a range of developers on varied schemes.

Lending is not locked down, in fact, there is a significant level of appetite from lenders to invest in a sector that continues despite Covid and benefits from an ongoing market demand for new homes. Lenders with funds in their own bank are earning nothing so they literally want to get their money to work.

At Specialist Property Finance its our role to help and advise the developer navigate through the funding minefield to avoid declines and help the developer get the best funding terms and rates to enable them to prosper. All our deal assessments are free, and it costs nothing to find out if you can benefit.