Part Exchange Finance & Downsizing Finance

  • Unlock your sale with Part Exchange – other developers already offer this. Now you can too.
  • Purchase your customers property via part-exchange at a price you agree with your customer.
  • Add Value & Flip – increase your profits with every new build sale.

Don’t wait for downsizers to sell their house before you complete your sale. They can complete the new build purchase while waiting to sell their house using a Financial Downsize product.

You have completed your build and have a customer that wants to buy but who hasn’t sold his/her property yet. Now you can :

  • Unlock the sale by buying your customer’s property in part exchange.
  • Unlock the sale by enabling your customer to finance their downsizing process while waiting to sell their house.
  • Leverage a great negotiating and sales position.
  • Increase profits per sale.

How is this done?

  1. If your customer is upsizing – Make an offer to buy your customers home if they agree to buy your new build property.
  2. Your offer price is your decision. The customer benefits from a chain free, lower stress transaction.
  3. No chains – the client is selling his/her home to you and buying from you, the completions take place at the same time.
  4. You can borrow 75% of the customer’s property purchase price.
  5. You can borrow 100% of the refurbishments costs if there are any.
  6. The remaining 25% can be paid from the sale proceeds of your new build property unit.
  7. Use your developer construction team to add value to the customer’s property and sell for a profit.
  8. You have up to 24 months to sell and redeem the loan on the customer property.
  9. Customer is downsizing? No Problem – we can help them directly to fund the purchase of your new build property while the customer is waiting to sell their own property. You don’t need to wait for the customer’s house sale you can proceed immediately and complete within a few weeks!

If you want to complete the sales of your new build properties quicker, without discounting and make even more money by developing and flipping the part exchange properties – speak to me today so we can put this product in place for your current development.

For more details – email tel: 0330 055 2776