Exclusive Switcher Product for Residential Property Portfolio Landlords


By Aaron Barry


Are you a serious residential property investor with 10 properties or more in your portfolio? This product could be for you.

A leading UK Bank specialising in funding residential property portfolios has made an exclusive offer to our associated company – Newsource Commercial Finance for portfolio switch / refinance deals. As such we have sole access to this unique product. The headline  terms are as follows:

  • Full term commitment of up to 30 years.
  • Refinancing all or part of a property portfolio.
  • Minimum loan size £1M
  • Maximum loan size £15M (will work with other lenders for larger portfolios)
  • 5 Year interest rate fixed option (ERC’s apply)
  • Interest only available up to a 30 year term
  • Capital Repayment Option free of ERCs – 10% of the capital balance can be repaid in any 12 month period.
  • 75% LTV – Capital raise available.
  • 2% arrangement fee added to the loan
  • Interest Rate : 3.99% per annum (fixed for 5 years)


You May Have Questions…

Why Would Large Property Portfolios Be Interested?

It is very common for large portfolios to have built up a multitude of lenders over the years in order to fund their various property deals. This switch product enables landlords to manage their borrowings using a single lender on very competitive terms.

When dealing with multiple lenders it is easy to overlook a mortgage deal which is coming to the end of its ‘special terms period’. Usually this will mean reverting to the bank’s standard variable rate, which can be extremely expensive.

One key factor to consider is the that value of your portfolio may have appreciated considerably over time. Depending upon the amount of equity you have accumulated within the portfolio there may be an opportunity to raise further capital from it up to 75% LTV to raise cash to fund new projects whilst potentially reducing your monthly debt service costs at the same time.

What If  £15 Million isn’t Enough?

We are one of only a select few brokers that have combined the lending from multiple banks to refinance portfolios from £15M – £50M in one transaction. You can use the terms from this lender for £15M and we will advise on how the remaining portfolio can be refinanced leveraging additional lenders who have experience in this type of transaction.

Is it available to other brokers?

This product is available to other brokers but only and exclusively through Newsource. So if you are a landlord with an existing broker and would prefer they handled your case with access to this product – then we can work with your broker and your relationship will always remain with them. In addition if the broker does not already have the lender on their panel we offer an introductory service to the lender so your broker can deal with the lender directly in future.

Are there any broker fees?


We offer a free portfolio assessment and if you proceed with an application we do not charge a broker fee.

Leverage the power of your property portfolio

The power of portfolio is something as an investor you have likely worked very hard to position yourself to benefit from. So why not take full advantage?

At Specialist Property Finance we focus on helping property investors obtain, develop, retain and profit from their property investments There are multiple points in a property development project that could benefit from funding.

We navigate our clients through the project journey and advise on all aspects of funding. There are many aspects to a property investment and many touch points where finance may be required or simply allows the investor to release equity for other projects.

We understand the market, our clients, the ever-evolving lending market, products and the rules associated with all of them.

We offer a free property portfolio review and assessment so you can really understand the power of your portfolio and how you can leverage the best possible terms available from the specialist lending market.

Contact us today to arrange your review with no broker fees guaranteed.