Our property developer clients would like to develop more sites, but are held back by cash flow limitations. The retail banking sector simply don’t have an appetite to lend that allows them to support the sector. Challenger banks are an emerging force in the property development sector with new and innovative lending solutions to help developers overcome all funding issues at all points of a development.

Cheap Finance CAN COST MORE…

High Street Bank finance is often the ‘cheapest’ in theory…

The practice is that lending offers from clearing banks can take months and sometimes don’t materialise at all.  Its also likely that they require a much higher deposit from you than the many specialist lenders in this sector.

Cash in King in many businesses but in Property Development its essential. Maintaining as much liquid cash not only protects your existing project but may also allow you to start a new project to run in parallel. If you couldn’t secure the new project due to a ‘cheap finance with high deposit deal’ on your existing project –  what would the cost be?

Retail banks typically lend just 60% of the construction costs whereas challenger banks can lend up to 100% which in cash terms can be a huge chunk.


As leading brokers of Property Development Finance and an arm of one of the UK’s Elite Master Brokers we are uniquely placed to make available to you the finance solutions from Retail, Challenger and Sub Prime lending markets.

Developers want to build and lenders want to lend. So it makes sense to use Specialist Property Finance to enable you to be matched with the right solution from the most appropriate lender for your individual circumstances.

We also provide detailed and expert industry advice on how to navigate the mine field of funding while building on your recently acquired field of land. From purchase, to development, to overcoming an unexpected cost, to bridging a completion to exit, to buy to let retain and more – we know the journey that you have traveled and are due to embark on. Let us help you through the journey to profit and the next project.